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Poltu Quatu Village

Poltu Quatu located on Sardinia's Emerald Coast, is hidden away in an almost secret location, just a mile from Porto Cervo. Enchanting views of little white buildings embellished with lush Mediterranean vegetation facing the crystalline La Maddalena Archipelago: a charming place where the harmony between nature and architecture reigns. 

The history of this magic Resort began with an innocent excursion in the '70s. During a boat trip, two lovers discovered a fjord which is a little corner of heaven on Earth.

Today the destination has become one of the most favorite hotspots in the Mediterranean, known for its magic and stunning atmosphere. The Marina characterized by an essential architecture was the first step, where in 2002 the project of the Hotel began. Jean Claude Le Suisse, famous architect of the most luxurious Costa Smeralda properties began his journey. His idea was to use local and recovered materials such as granite, wood, to allow Poltu Quatu to remain an untouched destination maintaining its nature.

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