Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

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Check-in 28 January 2022
Check-out 29 January 2022
Adults 2
Children 0
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Check-in 29/04/2022
Check-out 30/04/2022
Adults 2
Children 0
Age Child 1 0
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Berth services


Water and electricity are supplied by consumption with a pre-paid system: shore power 16-32-63-125 AMP 220v-380v

Mooring with ground line and catenary system

Fire system

Other services

Toilet and showers, 24h

Cleaning docks

Waste collection

Pump-out facility

Waste oil/fuel disposal and battery disposal

Fuel Station, Duty Free fuel

Overnight security service

Diver service




Laundry service

Car rental

Boatyard services with travel lift 30 tons


The mooring assistance is always available at the dock and by rubber dinghy. Who wants to moor at Marina dell’ Orso of Poltu Quatu should contact the Marina Office by VHF RADIO CHANNEL CH 09 standing by 24h.


Please Call Sign Marina dell’Orso or Poltu Quatu Marina.
The Marina Office is located in the Main Dock “BR”, in summertime it’s open every day from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm.
Phone + 39 0789 99477 – Fax +39 0789 99468

It’s not allowed:

To drop the anchor

Car washing

Fishing, swimming, to throw garbage or anything similar into the sea

Any commercial activity is not permitted without expressly authorization by the Marina Office