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The Longevity Suite

The Longevuty Suite

How much sand would you like to ass to your hourglass?

Our vision is to make life longer, our mission is to make it larger

The Longevity Suite® is an innovative anti-aging method, which integrates years of scientific research, the most modern technologies in the world of wellness and advanced cosmeceutical products, to generate simple programs that can improve external beauty, physical fitness and mental well-being. The reduction of inflammation and therefore of the aging processes through Cold and Detox is the heart of The Longevity Suite® Anti-Aging Programs.

Total-Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy and multisensory LED therapy… these are only some of the features you can find at The Longevity Suite within the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu.


Total body cryotherapy treatment involves keeping the whole body in a cold room with temperatures ranging from -85 ° C to -95 ° C for a time interval between 3 and 5 minutes. The cryochamber is total-body and nitrogen-free, making it safer and more performing.

The treatment is indicated for:

  • Reducing muscle and joint pain and inflammation
  • Increasing sports performance and reducing recovery times
  • Facilitating weight loss and improving body composition
  • Burning up to 600Kcal per single session and accelerating the basal metabolic rate
  • Rejuvenating skin appearance driven by a greater collagen production.
  • Improving circulation and drainage of the lower limbs
  • Detoxifying and reducing oxidative stress


Localized cryotherapy is a simple and painless procedure which involves the use of localized dry cold air at -32 ° C on limited areas of the body.

The treatment is indicated for:

  • Reducing localized muscle and joint pain and inflammation
  • Improving both microcirculation and oxygenation of a specific area
  • Visibly reducing localized swellings


Longevity multi sensory LED therapy is an innovative technology to carry out highly performing photobiomodulation treatments on the entire surface of face and neck.

The result is achieved thanks to the perfect synergy of:

  • Photonic beams emitted by a LED system with high power and light intensity
  • Acoustics for listening to musical frequencies that favor neuronal connections
  • Personalized inhalation aromatherapy