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Check-in 22 April 2021
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The Box Poltu Quatu



The exclusive Dinner Show will open in Poltu Quatu



The exclusive Dinner Show that will make the nights of the most popular destination in

Costa Smeralda shine

 From July 31 to August 30 – Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

July 22, 2020 – Daniele Pulcini, Pulcini Group CEO Gruppo Pulcini, owner of the Grand Hotel and Poltu Quatu Marina, inaugurates the nightlife of the splendid resort overlooking the crystal clear sea of the La Maddalena Archipelago, with a phantasmagorical show by The Box, the award-winning griffe of international entertainment specialized in unique events, aimed at high-level customers, with memorable and artistically extraordinary productions from Manhattan to London.

It was precisely the founder and President Antonio Pulcini to discover in the 70s, together with Maria Bice Asara, the girlfriend coming from these places, who later became his wife, this corner of paradise of unparalleled and natural beauty, which transformed into the wonderful oasis of today.  Poltu Quatu – which in Sardinian means hidden harbor – is a small exclusive and reserved fjord in which the Pulcini Group has made the best of its entrepreneurial skills, with an indissoluble personal and family participation, making it one of the most sought-after destinations of the international jet set.

Here the  Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu stands and its wonderful terrace overlooking the harbor, which has become famous as Lìo Sardinia, which this year is transformed into THE BOX POLTU QUATU to inaugurate a great summer season by night with a Dinner Show of spectacular performances, designed in full compliance with health safety standards to overcome the epidemiological emergency.

Today Poltu Quatu – declares Daniele Pulcini, at the helm of the real estate group that has brought the resort to its maximum development with a marina of over 300 boats and a residential architecture in typical Mediterranean construction – offers a dream vacation, ensuring the necessary attention, in a safe and secure environment. After going through such difficult moments, we invested to the maximum by adopting the most accurate anti-Covid security protocol to protect all our guests and guarantee in every respect an oasis of peace and tranquility, between nature and breathtaking landscapes.

Relax and safety therefore for the day and also for the night with unparalleled fun in a magical atmosphere: this is the entertainment format THE BOX POLTU QUATU, where the exclusive culinary experience blends into an engaging atmosphere of live fun, with international level artists and workers.

“We are proud to have signed this agreement with a leading entertainment company on an international scale and to have boosted and enhanced the territory by involving mainly Italian artists and professionals. – continues Daniele Pulcini – A formula that, in addition to ensuring quality at an international level, represents the driving force of innovation and development for all the industries linked to the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia.”

Everything is therefore ready for the coolest event of summer 2020, with a touch of mystery for a surprise effect. The right mix to conquer even the new generations of tourists looking for an unforgettable entertainment experience between music and shows accompanied by an exclusive selection of luxury cocktails and gourmet dishes, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

 Special Thanks

The producers of the Box would like to thank Mr Federico Giammarusto, partner of Oaklins for offering the opportunity for the Box to come to Sardinia.

Reservation Number THE BOX POLTU QUATU

Management: +39 338 8722514, +39 331 6611319

Where: Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu – Loc. Poltu Quatu, Arzachena (Olbia Tempio) – Italy


Press Office (Italy): On Point Pr – Monica Carbonio mob number + 39 392 4565940


Founded in 1964 by Antonio Pulcini, the Pulcini Group, leaded today by his son Daniele Pulcini as CEO, boasts a history crossing over 50 years, dotted with efficient and also attractive real estate initiatives in national construction, offering proudly to many Italians the pleasure of living, working and caring in civil, comfortable and modern environments.

Gruppo Pulcini operates in the field of residential, commercial, tourism and healthcare construction, with high asset value interventions that constitute the evolution of the last 20 years of activity. Inside, the highest professionals operate dealing with the conception and acquisition of the following areas:  design, construction, sale, rental and management of buildings and redeveloped areas. A highly qualified team, ready to accept technological and market changes, to always offer the best.


It is the most important global player for entertainment by night. THE BOX is internationally famous for its award-winning design, exclusive clientele, extraordinary service and innovative live theater productions attended by over a million people. THE BOX (NYC) and THE BOX SOHO (London) have featured in over a thousand press articles worldwide over the past decade, while THE BOX PRESENTS is a full service entertainment production company specializing in on high-level  tailored events with a vast portfolio of customers and markets including Monte Carlo, Ibiza, Shanghai, Cannes, Istanbul, Moscow, Los Angeles, Miami, Stockholm and Singapore.